Monday, November 01, 2004

On a night out

Well, My friends

this time is so arising my head.
it its bursting with the sun ray just to follow so clues.

i cant stand this anymore.


i ll dedicate my time to post poems
prose and some short tales ( in both formats)

with love


On a night out
On a night outi discovered the world, through the eyes of someone so, so sad and timid; who writes poems and songs.
On a day forthwithI discovered the world throughout this, our eyes and }
so happily and dusky I went out to where I ve been set my soul on fire.
On an afternoon alight with clouds
I feared about that night which made me know about him and I terrorized my world
I kept pressed down my tearsand that momentI couldn t escape.And now,I come hereand here we areamong my fears and respects to himwith all the emotions and feelingsI could ever get into my heartlonely, but happy and duskyon thisJust pulling his love through, many years ago.

my life on a night out...

May be this fullstar dark moon, make me see blind with my heart wide open again...

Will you help me=?


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