Monday, November 01, 2004

May be

May be you were suffering
The same images
The same hurting heart
The same big lies to you
The same disappointing.

I do not dare to tell this is a big thing.

May be this is a complex circle of facts
Which set ourselves to live the same
In this right place, in this exact moment
Just now to achieve our feelings on and on
Only for not dreaming out louder

May be we need a refresh.

Refresh from our past
Refresh from our lies
Refresh from our gloaming teardrops
To say goodbye
To the people who we love.

I do not know accurately what it happened.

I only will do to know
If there will be a time to love without pain
Or being closed into a shut illusion.

I do not care if this will be true.

I wish to know all about this new hope.

May be this time
May be.
May be in this song
May be.

May be in this time.

Please, come on
Let it happen to you.

Let it happen to you.

Let it happen as soon as you feel it.

As you may feel it.


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